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venesection is the removal of a small quantity of blood from a vein, used as a treatment for certain blood conditions.A venesection is a simple and effective way of reducing the number of red blood cells in your blood. This may be needed to reduce iron levels or the thickness of the blood to safe levels.

a genetic condition where your body absorbs too much iron. Excess iron is stored in various organs around your body such as the heart and liver which can lead to problems or damage to the organs. As large amounts of iron are contained within red blood cells the simplest way to remove iron is to take out blood at regular intervals.

*Polycythaemia vera, erythrocytosis and high haemoglobins

With these conditions body has an increased number of red blood cells which thicken the blood and make the blood flow ‘sluggish’. This can then increase the chance of developing problems such as blood clot.Removing the extra red blood cells reduces these risks.

a red liquid filled with lots of bubbles
a red liquid filled with lots of bubbles

Venesection is used to treat :

grayscale photo of person holding syringe
grayscale photo of person holding syringe

The vein on the inside of the elbow is the preferred vein for drawing blood for a number of reasons. Mainly it is close to the skin, so using a needle to access it is quick and causes a minimum of trauma and bruising. This vein is also in a place which lacks an abundance of nerve endings. In other words, while having blood drawn from the arm causes some degree of discomfort to almost everyone, there are many places where it would be much more painful. Many types of medical professionals are trained to know how to draw blood from this site.

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