Hijama OR Cupping Therapy

"Cupping therapy: where ancient healing meets modern wellness." -Dr Hussain

Learn about the ancient healing technique of cupping therapy and its modern applications in healthcare

Hijama also known as cupping is an ancient Chinese remedy that the Egyptians also employed. Cupping promotes life force energy in the body through meridians.

What are Hijama Cups made up of?

Hijama cups are made of plastic or bamboo, but mostly glass. The cup features a curled rim to guarantee firm skin contact and the preservation of the negative pressure produced. Before the treatment begins, oil is applied to the patient’s skin to help in the gliding of the cups during therapy. It is a safe, conventional treatment that aids in the resolution of chronic muscular stiffness and discomfort more quickly than massage therapy.

What is the process of Hijama ?

A cloth soaked in alcohol is heated on fire and put inside the cup to produce a vacuum. Cups are then placed directly on top of meridian lines or any other therapeutic region on the patient’s body. The cup sucks the skin into it as a result of the suction. The ensuing suction pushes the blood deep within the body to the surface. Healing occurs as a result of the increased blood and energy flow. Cupping treatment is traditionally performed in groups of 4, 6, or 10 cups. Typically, the cups are left in place for 5 to 20 minutes.

Benefits of Hijama :

*It regulates blood circulation, purifies toxins and provides a detox effect,

*It strengthens the immune system,

*It helps to open the blockages in the capillaries,

*Provides elimination of hormonal disorders,

Fibromyalgia, head, neck, back and waist pains,

*Menstrual irregularity, sexual impotence or reluctance,

*Migraine and sinusitis,

*edema in the muscles,

*Psychological problems such as chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety,

*Hijama treatment is effective in accelerating development in children.

*Hijama reduces high blood pressure by cleaning the blood in the veins,

*It is good for calcification, low back stiffness and low back pain.

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